Abl is the first Dynamic School Scheduling platform that makes it easy to design and manage the daily life of a school.

Schools today are more complex than ever before. Between all the “alphabet soup” of programs and activities (SPED, RTI, ELL, PBL, SEL, CBE, and more!), it’s no surprise that 72% of principals believe that they “lack the necessary resources, such as time and staff support, to accomplish all that is required to lead the school effectively.” All of this activity comes to a head in the school schedule – where everything needs to fit together into a finite number of minutes. But, unfortunately, today’s school scheduling tools can’t manage this added complexity: they take hundreds of hours to use, treat every student the same, and aren’t flexible enough to support the ever-changing needs of schools. Abl wants to change all that with Dynamic School Scheduling.

Dynamic School Scheduling is flexible, collaborative, intelligent scheduling that helps school leaders view their school day through a new lens. It makes master scheduling dramatically faster, and provides actionable insights to help every school achieve its unique goals. It offers a single place for students, teachers, and parents to stay up to date, and allows the school to make real-time changes on the fly. With Dynamic School Scheduling, the school schedule is no longer a dreaded chore; it’s an enormous opportunity to rethink how a school works.