Following design partnerships with school leaders in 6 states, Abl will expand access to master scheduling software for up to 150 secondary schools this fall.


SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2017 —Following the National Principals Conference in Philadelphia, education technology startup Abl announced the release of its Fall 2017 cohort application for Abl Master Scheduler, a cloud-based software platform designed to simplify the school scheduling process.

Developed in collaboration with secondary school leaders from Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Texas, Abl’s dynamic school scheduling platform makes it easier for principals to design and manage the daily life of a school, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, magnet boards, and stacks of paper. Because Master Scheduler’s cloud-based app works alongside a school’s existing student information system, the platform enables school leaders to quickly visualize tradeoffs, design, and refine the master schedule.

“School leaders have been asking for tools like this for decades,” said Lee Fleming, principal of San Diego’s Bonsall High School, an Abl design partner.  “Throughout our collaboration, Abl’s design team focused on the real-world challenges we face to ensure that its software reflects the workflows and practices utilized by school principals. Their dynamic approach allows us to understand the impact of scheduling decisions in real time — and make adjustments that create space for teacher planning, collaboration and personalized learning.”

Master Scheduler streamlines the entire scheduling process from course requests to course placements to student assignments so busy administrators can tackle the entire process in one place. The platform incorporates an intuitive, drag-and-drop scheduling board that allows school leaders to view and edit schedules by department, section, and teacher. Because Master Scheduler provides access to real-time alerts on course conflicts, teacher prep time, and other metrics, administrators are able to quickly evaluate and adjust schedules throughout the planning process.

“Over a year of collaboration with schools nationwide, we’ve learned firsthand what a complex and frustrating process master scheduling can be for school leaders,” said Abl Founder, Adam Pisoni. “We’re taking an incremental approach to the rollout of Master Scheduler so that we can learn from the experiences of a diverse, cross section of school leaders–and incorporate their feedback and vision into the platform as we expand to additional schools and districts.”

Schools that receive access will get free setup, training, and support during the fall, so they have everything they need to start the master scheduling process in January. Access will be granted on a rolling basis to up to 150 participants for the 2017/18 school year.


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Developed through a collaborative process with school leaders, Abl is on a mission to transform master scheduling into a smart, collaborative process that enables school leaders to quickly visualize tradeoffs and meet the needs of every student and teacher. Our dynamic school scheduling platform makes it easy to design and manage the daily life of a school through a simple, cloud-based system that eliminates the spreadsheets, magnet boards, and calendaring tools most schools use today. For more information, visit

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