Unlock time with dynamic school scheduling

Introducing Abl Master Scheduler

Abl’s dynamic school scheduling platform makes it easy to design and manage the daily life of your school. Our simple, cloud-based tools work alongside your student information system and eliminate the need for spreadsheets, magnet boards, and stacks of papers.

Our first product is a next-generation Master Scheduler that simplifies and streamlines the entire master scheduling process. Developed in collaboration with secondary schools from around the country, Abl’s Master Scheduler is a smart, flexible platform that enables school leaders to quickly visualize tradeoffs and meet the unique needs of every student and teacher.

Dynamic Course Requests

Students submit requests via our simple mobile app which guides them through each step and allows them to rank course choices, see potential issues in real time, set personal preferences, and make changes based on school feedback. This transparent process gives students more control over their academic decisions and reduces planning time for school leaders.

Instantly Generate Sections

Class sections are automatically generated based on student requests and your default student/teacher ratios. Leave the sections as is and move onto the Scheduling Board, or dive into the details to create new sections, modify section capacities, or quickly assign individual staff and students.

Next Gen Scheduling Board

Drag and drop course assignments into any bell schedule model with real-time alerts for singletons, doubletons, and student conflicts. Every imaginable configuration is supported: single & full year terms, linked sections, unlimited co-teachers, non-academic teaching duties, and more. Balance gender and other student demographics as you build, and change student course requests on the fly.

Automatically Assign Students

Quickly generate complete student schedules based on your custom rules. Schedule students all at once or by grade level, pathways, academies, and custom cohorts. Instantly see student assignments reflected in the Schedule Explorer as well as the Section Planner and Scheduling Board – giving you flexibility to make adjustments anywhere in the app.

Actionable Data & Analytics

Access detailed data on your students, teachers, and courses to monitor your progress and make smarter decisions. Key metrics such as student core class assignments, teacher prep time, gender balance, and teacher load are updated in real-time as you build so you can quickly see the impact of your decisions and ensure you’re making progress on your school’s unique goals.