Schools are complex. Scheduling doesn’t have to be.

Abl’s Master Scheduling Solution

By combining modern, cloud-based scheduling tools with expert guidance, Abl streamlines the entire master scheduling process to tackle difficult scheduling challenges, build your team’s capacity, and help you adapt as needs change.

Developed in collaboration with secondary schools from around the country, Abl’s intuitive online platform puts all your scheduling information at your fingertips, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, magnet boards, and stacks of papers. Abl’s team of experienced schedulers provides coaching and insights throughout the entire scheduling process to help you stay on track and meet the unique needs of every student and teacher.

Instantly Generate Sections

Class sections are automatically generated based on student requests and your default student/teacher ratios. Leave sections as they are and move onto the scheduling board, or create new sections, modify section details, or even start assigning staff and students.

Next Gen Scheduling Board

Get real-time notifications of potential student conflicts so you can make smart choices as you assign classes to staff. Balance gender, ELL, SPED, and student groups as you build, and change student course requests on the fly to resolve sticky issues. Every class configuration is supported: multi-term courses, shared rosters, dual-sections, co-teachers, and more.

Balanced Student Placements

Automatically assign students to classes based on your custom rules. Schedule students all at once or place ELL, SPED, and other student groups into their core courses first to ensure every student stays on track. Instantly see student placements throughout the app so you have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Actionable Data & Analytics

Access detailed data on your students, teachers, and courses to monitor your progress and make smarter decisions. Key metrics such as student core class assignments, teacher prep time, gender balance, and teacher load are updated in real-time so you can quickly see the impact of your decisions and ensure you’re making progress on your school’s unique goals.