Uncover opportunities hidden in your scheduling data.

Abl District Audit

Districts don’t have easy access to the insights they need to help their schools.

The District Scheduling Audit surfaces and visualizes your district’s scheduling, demographic, and academic programming data to help you make decisions on student equity, teacher equity, and resource efficiency.

Analyze District-wide Data

Our scheduling experts will analyze your data to reveal how your resources are being distributed and how to improve resource allocation at your district. We’ll import data from your SIS, conduct a Data Health Assessment, and analyze your data. You will be able to gain insights that support strategic decision-making such as class size inconsistencies by course and grade across schools.

Identify Levers for Change

Your data tells a story, and we’ll summarize all the findings and insights for you. Your district will gain insights into areas surrounding equity, such as: access to rigorous courses inside schools and across schools and tracking of students by subgroups. Our team will use your data and the best practices from hundreds of schools to provide Master Schedule Guidelines for your district to put desired changes into action.